Vinyl ate my Brain
Aug 8

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Player “Angel Of Theft” one-sided red vinyl with etched pentagram. #AmonTobin remix of #Slayer. @ninjatunehq by dylanc_c
Aug 8


Player “Angel Of Theft” one-sided red vinyl with etched pentagram. #AmonTobin remix of #Slayer. @ninjatunehq by dylanc_c

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Aug 4

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Jun 24

tufu - Hässlon

Side A

1. Schwarzer Krauser

2. Ave Maria

3. Abfinden

4. Alles hat seine Grenzen

5. Eisbär

6. Mauer

7. Beat I

8. Kugelkettendarm

Side B

1. Cabernet Sauvignon

2. Beat II

3. Thekenrand

4. Wir alles du nichts

5. Hässlon

6. Geister

Just Checking my fathers collection :D
Jun 16

Just Checking my fathers collection :D

Jun 6

Neil Young - Harvest

Side 1:

1. Out on the weekend
2. Harvest
3. A man needs a Maid
4. Heart of Gold
5. Are you ready for the country

Side 2:

6. Old Man
7. There’s a World
8. Alabama
9. The needle and the damage done
10. Words

Jun 6

Trentemøller - Lost

01. The Dream (feat. Low)

02. Gravity (feat. Jana Hunter of Lower Dens)

03. Still On Fire

04. Candy Tongue (feat. Marie Fisker)

05. Trails

06. Never Stop Running (feat. Jonny Pierce of The Drums)

07. River Of Life (feat. Ghost Society)

08. Morphine

09. Come Undone (feat. Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead)

10. Deceive (feat. Sune Rose Wagner of The Raveonettes)

11. Constantinople

12. Hazed 

Jun 6

Do I really need to intruduce this Album to you? Without this, we wouldn’t have Bands like Electric Wizard today. 

Jun 6

Wolf Down - Renegades 

Side A

1. Baring Teeth

2. Dead End Road

Side B

1. Stone Cold

2. Renegades

Second Pressing by life.lair.regret. records and Start A Fire Records

Wolf Down are one of  the most important and brililant contemporary Hardcore Bands. 

check out this tumblr! a lot of beautiful LP’s and shit :D
May 29

check out this tumblr! a lot of beautiful LP’s and shit :D

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Jan 21

After the Bombs - Spoils of War (European Onslaught 2008 Tour Edition)

Side A

I. Spoils of War

Side B

II. Forward Into Death

III. War (Bathory Cover)

Released by The Total End Records

After the Bombs were a Crust Band from Montreal, Canada.

Nov 20

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Oct 30

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Oct 16

Paan - Sounds like Chewbacca is taking a Shit

side a (yes, it has only one side)

1. Song 21 - Steam (Johnny And The Fuckers Mit Dem Song Steam) 

2. Song 22 - Crazy Invention

3. Song 23 - Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful

4. Song 24 - Lisa makka Hardy

5. Song 25 - Odyssey

paan is a weird kind-of screamo band from germany, well, these guys like bands like raein and envy, but their own music is hard to describe and not regular screamo-stuff. saw them live at “if the kids are united fest” some months ago. check their bandcamp page, their facebook page and their store!

released by lala schallplatten and stalin wants to eat your rooster records.

Oct 4

 Dordeduh - Dar de duh (2012)

Dordeduh is a Romanian Band that combines the traditional folk music of their country with atmospheric Black Metal. Hupogrammos and Sol Faur founded the Band after they decided to leave their former Band Negura Bunget due to tensions with the drummer. 

Side A 

01. Jind de tronuri

02. Flăcărarii

Side B

03. E-an-na

04. Calea roţilor de foc

Side C 

05. Pândarul

06. Zuh

Side D 

07. Cumpăt

08. Dojană