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Jan 21

After the Bombs - Spoils of War (European Onslaught 2008 Tour Edition)

Side A

I. Spoils of War

Side B

II. Forward Into Death

III. War (Bathory Cover)

Released by The Total End Records

After the Bombs were a Crust Band from Montreal, Canada.

Nov 20

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Oct 30

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Oct 16

Paan - Sounds like Chewbacca is taking a Shit

side a (yes, it has only one side)

1. Song 21 - Steam (Johnny And The Fuckers Mit Dem Song Steam) 

2. Song 22 - Crazy Invention

3. Song 23 - Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful

4. Song 24 - Lisa makka Hardy

5. Song 25 - Odyssey

paan is a weird kind-of screamo band from germany, well, these guys like bands like raein and envy, but their own music is hard to describe and not regular screamo-stuff. saw them live at “if the kids are united fest” some months ago. check their bandcamp page, their facebook page and their store!

released by lala schallplatten and stalin wants to eat your rooster records.

Oct 4

 Dordeduh - Dar de duh (2012)

Dordeduh is a Romanian Band that combines the traditional folk music of their country with atmospheric Black Metal. Hupogrammos and Sol Faur founded the Band after they decided to leave their former Band Negura Bunget due to tensions with the drummer. 

Side A 

01. Jind de tronuri

02. Flăcărarii

Side B

03. E-an-na

04. Calea roţilor de foc

Side C 

05. Pândarul

06. Zuh

Side D 

07. Cumpăt

08. Dojană

Sep 5

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Aug 21

Kadavar - Kadavar

 Side A

01 - All Out Thoughts

02 - Black Sun

03 - Forgotten Past

Side B 

04 - Godess of Dawn

05 - Creature of the Demon

06 - Purple Sage

First Album of the German 70ties-Doom-Stoner-Rock Band. Released via This Charming Man and Tee Pee Records

Aug 21

Kadavar - Abra Kadavar

Side A

01 - Come back Life

02 - Doomsday Machine

03 - Eye of the Storm

04 - Black Snake

Side B

05 - Dust

06 - Fire

07 - Liquid Dream

08 - Rythm for the endless Minds

09 - Abra Kadabra

Second LP from the Berlin-based Trio Kadavar. This is the limitied brown edition, also contained a poster.

Aug 21

Northless / Light Bearer SPLIT

Side Light Bearer

 01. Celestium Apocrypha; Book Of Watchers

Side Northless

01.Tears From Crime  
02. For As Long As You Shall Walk The Earth, Your Blood Will Reek Of Failure

Light Bearer from the UK play atmospheric Post-Metal with a lot of Crust and Hardcore Influences. Northless are a Doom/Slugde Band from Milwaukee.

Released via moment of collapse and Alerta Antifascista Records.

Aug 19

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Tame Impala, New York, NY, February 2013
Jun 12


Tame Impala, New York, NY, February 2013

Jun 12

Side A

1 - Back in the USSR

2 - Dear Prudence

3 - Glass Onion

4 - Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

5 - Wild Honey Pie

6 - The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill

7 - While my Guitar gently Weeps

8 - Happiness is a warm Gun


Side B

1 - Martha my Dear

2 - I’m so tired

3 - Blackbird

4 - Piggies

5 - Rocky Raccoon

6 - Don’t Pass me By

7 - Why Don’t We Do It in the Road

8 - I will

9 - Julia


Side C

1 - Birthday

2 - Yer Blues

3 - Mother Nature’s Son

4 - Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey

5 - Sexy Sadie

6 - Helter Skelter

7 - Long, Long, Long


Side D

1 - Revolution

2 - Honey Pie

3 - Savour Truffle

4 - Cry Baby Cry

5 - Revolution 9

6 - Good Night

;) - Sørge

Jun 12

Side One

01 - 21st Century Shizoid Man

02 - I talk to the Wind

03 - Epitaph

Side Two

04 - Moonchild

5 - The Court of the crimson King


Holy shit, you have to remember that this album is the first one of King Crimson. Perfection and beauty.

 - Sørge

Jun 11


This is the limited Boxset Edition of the Third and last Album of the Devil’s Blood. Contained the Album on limited Grey Double-Vinyl, a CD Copy of the Album, a Tote Bag, an really big poster, a little poster, damn I love Ván Records, they even gave me the Ván records Sampler. I feel so awesome and cool with that stuff. And I hope that I don’t have to introduce the Band to anyone of you! Check Ván Records! Best Record Label on Earth! Hellyeah!


Jun 11

Side A

1. Wenn du dem Teufel deine Hand gibst
2. Die Stadt gehört den Besten
3. Unter Tränen
4. Holzschwert
5. Räume

Side B

6. Wir sind immer noch hier
7. Grabräuber
8. In den Trümmern deine Sätze
9. Propeller
10. Schiffe versenken

Well, this is the first Full Length Album of the German Band Marathonmann. And it is pure gold. Melodic, Emotional, Powerfull Hardcore / Punk Rock for fans of Turbostaat or Lova A, with very good Lyrics and Vocals. The Band managed to exceed all expectations I had. I thought it would be a fine Album, but I honestly did not expect this Album to be the outstanding Masterpiece it actually is. 2013 has alread been a Year with a lot of awesome new Music.

Marathonmann @ Facebook